Always Something to Learn

Every morning, I step into the city of Raleigh and begin the one-block walk to the office. Except every morning the world is different: I pass by a new skyscraper being raised, a new conference taking shape in the city’s convention center, or a new festival lining the streets of downtown. And every morning I look forward to seeing what awaits.

This is especially true of my typical work day. As a resident technology support person, I am tasked with monitoring mission-critical systems in our global offices, and get the pleasure of interacting with our employees both domestic and abroad to troubleshoot, diagnose, and remedy a wide variety of technical problems. Each day brings its challenges and learning opportunities, and each night I leave having gained a new insight or parcel of knowledge.

I joined Coleman Research in the middle of 2015 as an Analyst, focusing on recruiting new experts to consult with Coleman’s clients. This was on the heels of a multi-year stint as both a freelance web designer and small business technology consultant, with nothing more than a writing degree from North Carolina State University and the passion of a life spent tinkering with any computer parts and software systems I could get my hands on. I wanted to try a different field in joining Coleman, and they offered me a chance to prove myself as a member of their Client Management organization. And I gladly accepted the challenge.

A year after I joined the company, it was announced that there was an opening for a technology support position. The past year with Coleman had been wonderful; I met many new people, made good friends of some, and had faced and overcome some amazing challenges with my teams. But I still wanted more. After careful consideration, and with the encouragement of friends and peers, I applied for the technology support position. The rest, as they say, is history.

Coleman Research has provided me many opportunities to grow and further myself. Despite entering my second year with Coleman Research, I still have the same sense of wonder that I had on day one. It’s the feeling of walking through the city and finding the new; there is always something else to learn, somewhere to gain insight. And as long as that remains true, I will enjoy my walk through the city and into the office each and every morning.