Celebrating Cuisines in Coleman’s Cities – Hong Kong

Celebrating Cuisines in Coleman’s Cities – Hong Kong

We have come to the final stop on our Coleman City Guide journey – Hong Kong. After discovering some of the best F&B venues in BostonRaleighSan FranciscoNew York and London, we are thrilled to present our employees’ favorites in Hong Kong!

La Vache

A Parisian-style steakhouse in HK, La Vache pays homage to the traditional entrecôte steakhouses, meaning it only serves steak, unlimited fries, green salad and béarnaise sauce on the side. La Vache has two locations in Hong Kong, with one on the island and one in TST. There is an increasing presence of French dining in the F&B scene in Hong Kong, and La Vache is, no doubt, one of the best.

Social Place

Social Place has a rather impressive venue with a ping pong table in the centre of the restaurant and a menu that covers an array of contemporary dim sums and Chinese dishes. The restaurant offers a chic, vibrant and cozy atmosphere to its diners. The combination of wine, light dim sums and Jazz with a side of ping pong makes this venue truly one-of-a-kind!

Why 50

Located in the middle of one of the busiest areas in the city, Sheung Wan, Why 50 is your “chill coffee neighbour.” The lighting and decoration of the venue has always been uplifting and the idea of having a coffeehouse next to your office is a must.

Paper Street

Paper Street is a bar where you can always expect to see a good crowd. There’s always something happening, from all you can eat wings Tuesday to live broadcasting premier league games, they even offer boxing training at times!


An up-and-coming rooftop bar that offers an incredible view of Victoria Harbour (it’s the perfect Instagram background.) As the first guinguette (French drinking establishment) in Hong Kong, Piqniq presents itself in a lively and colourful manner. They offer a range of contemporary dishes across various cuisines and presented in the most creative way. It’s also a great place to enjoy a fun brunch with a few aperol spritzs.

About Coleman City Guides

Coleman Research has offices located in six different cities around the world; New York, Boston, Raleigh, San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong. With the diversity in locations, it gives Coleman employees the opportunity at times, to visit these different cities. Whether it be a few days for an office visit or relocating for a new job opportunity, Coleman employees are often on the move. However, while discovering a new city can be exciting, it can also be very intimidating. Finding places to eat, visit, shop is no small task.

Therefore, we have put together our own Coleman City Guides. These guides are sourced from our employees in each location to help create the perfect local itinerary for whenever and however long you visit. From one of our favorite bakeries in New York City, to our go-to for fried chicken in Raleigh, Coleman has the guide for you.