Celebrating Cuisines in Coleman’s Cities – London

Celebrating Cuisines in Coleman’s Cities – London

We have come to another stop on our Coleman City Guide food tour! After completing our US offices in BostonRaleighSan Francisco and New York, we are excited to present our employees’ recommendations for the best F&B venues in London!

Flat Iron Steak

A hotspot for locals! This budget-friendly steak restaurant does not compromise on taste or quality. Enjoy a quality steak at less than half the price of anywhere else with a variety of delicious sides in an unbeatable location. While there is always a crowd (unsurprisingly), we recommend you virtually wait in line through the app, and grab a drink at a nearby bar while you wait.


A truly unique wine bar experience with a few locations across central and south London. The concept is based on a card that you charge with money (think wine travel card) and sample the hundreds of wine options along the wall with a quick swipe of the card. It’s the best place to try a variety of different wine options on a budget – our employees recommend charging about £15-20 for a proper experience! Sample a few bites of Italian food as you enjoy the casual atmosphere and bespoke wine options.


Trendy set of bars across town that offer big open spaces with a variety of street food vendors that set-up shop on either side of long trestle table – a fav location for a communal F&B exquisite journey. It’s the ideal location for a night out with each location always crowded. If you’re going out in a large group, this is your spot!

Flat Iron Square

Situated along the London bridge, this is an open space that is home to lots of street food and different bars. It keeps people coming back thanks, in part, to its ever-changing décor. It’s chalet-themed winter contrasts the abundance of green grass for picnics during long summer days. If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a day at the office with some great food and drink options, we highly recommend Flat Iron Square.


Grind is another dynamic destination functioning as a popular coffee chain by day, exciting bar by night. During the day, you can enjoy an array of healthy bites to munch on alongside your coffee. On weekends, plan to come here for a brunch with a few friends and try their “bottomless” drinks.

About Coleman City Guides

Coleman Research has offices located in six different cities around the world; New York, Boston, Raleigh, San Francisco, London, and Hong Kong. With the diversity in locations, it gives Coleman employees the opportunity at times, to visit these different cities. Whether it be a few days for an office visit or relocating for a new job opportunity, Coleman employees are often on the move. However, while discovering a new city can be exciting, it can also be very intimidating. Finding places to eat, visit, shop is no small task.

Therefore, we have put together our own Coleman City Guides. These guides are sourced from our employees in each location to help create the perfect local itinerary for whenever and however long you visit. From one of our favorite bakeries in New York City, to our go-to for fried chicken in Raleigh, Coleman has the guide for you.