#ColemanCares – Food Bank for New York City

#ColemanCares – Food Bank for New York City

In continuation of our #ColemanCares series, we are highlighting the great work that our colleagues did for the Food Bank for New York City. We sat down with them to learn more about the cause and why it was so close to their hearts.

Food Bank for New York City is the city’s largest hunger relief organization, helping low income New Yorkers overcome their circumstances and achieve greater independence. The foodbank provides more than 1.5 million meals per year to communities in need.

Irem Unal kicked off the initiative and over a period of three weeks, she organized three different NY-based teams of Coleman employees to provide breakfast to senior citizens. The three groups included Nick Guida, Mike Gooding, Liz Adams, Rebeckah Pace, Eva Zaeschmar, Gina Huffman, Lauren Smith, Duncan Harvey, Oliver Green, Cari Librett, Jacob Albright, Diandra Krupek, and Sebastian Grunebaum.

The teams met together early in the day at the Community Kitchen located on 116th Street in Harlem. The first task was to help distribute breakfast to the nearly 75 seniors who passed through the center. After donning hair nets, gloves and aprons, the team was ready to serve! Members were kept busy assembling breakfast trays, working the dining area, handing out meals as newcomers arrived, and providing assistance whenever needed.  After the morning breakfast rush ended, the team headed downstairs to the pantry area to help prepare 120 settings for Cajun style salmon dinner. 

“It’s important to me to be at a company that encourages us to get out in our community and help those less fortunate or participate in a cause that means something to us. It was apparent that our few hands today truly helped those working at the food bank and as a result, all the many people who rely on the food bank daily.” – Liz Adams

“For our Coleman Cares initiative, I wanted to find an organization that would connect our team to the NYC community through hands-on, interactive work and one that leaves direct, sustainable impact on the population it serves. I chose the Food Bank For New York City because it distributes free food for over 1.5 million New Yorkers each year. Working at FBNYC gave us a chance to meet and serve locals of West Harlem while also working together as a team in a different environment than the one we are accustomed to working in!” – Irem Unal