#ColemanCares – Horses For Hope

#ColemanCares – Horses For Hope

Coleman likes to give back to the communities in which we work and live by encouraging every Coleman employee to dedicate 2 days each year to a CSR activity of their choosing. We think this is a really fabulous part of our culture which is why we launched the initiative, Coleman Cares.

Coleman Cares brings like-minded Coleman employees together to support a cause that is close to their hearts. Our latest endeavor has been to give back to the Horses For Hope TRC.

Horses for Hope is a Raleigh-based therapeutic riding program that offers interactive healing for children and adults with disabilities (physical, mental, emotional, speech, and learning) and for persons with debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. These programs are designed to specifically suit the client’s needs in order to enhance their quality of life. The facility provides an alternative learning outlet for riders to develop memory, concentration, communication skills, and problem-solving skills where they might have trouble doing so in a more traditional environment.

The Coleman team groomed over 15 horses and miniature ponies and performed maintenance on the structures used for lessons including jumps and stands. The team aided in the grounds’ clean-up and performed tasks to help Horses for Hope spend more time focusing on their students.

Here’s what our employees had to say…

“I’ve been involved in the horse community for most of my life through high school farm jobs, owning horses and taking riding lessons. In college, I worked as a Community Life Support for an individual with autism and volunteered for a service dog organization that introduced me to many individuals and families of children and adults with development and communication challenges. Being able to volunteer at an organization that combines two passions of mine was very rewarding. There are numerous ways to volunteer and contribute to causes you are passionate about, and I’m glad Coleman provides an opportunity for employees to do this.” – Senior Client Manager, Raleigh

“I love horses and I grew up volunteering/riding with Horses for Hope. It’s great to be able to go back and see how much the facility has grown and benefited from the community’s help.” – Associate, Raleigh

“I grew up around horses and barns since two of my cousins ride. I grew to learn how much work and effort it takes to keep a barn running smoothly. When I heard about Horses for Hope, I wanted to help in any way I could because I know how hard it can be to get everything done. Knowing that we were able to help in their mission, even in the smallest way, makes me happy.” – Recruiter, Raleigh