#ColemanCares – ReVision Urban Farm

#ColemanCares – ReVision Urban Farm

Several members of the Boston office team chose to dedicate one summer day to ReVision Urban Farm, an innovative, community-based urban agriculture project growing produce in its own fields to support neighboring communities. The farms provide homeless shelters with access to healthy and sustainable produce while also allowing occupants of the shelters learn transferable skills working on the farm. ReVision Urban Farm relies heavily on volunteers to prepare the farm for harvest and handle the produce for farmer’s markets and the surrounding communities. The Coleman team was tasked with varying activities including picking ripe tomatoes for the Saturday market, wheel-barrowing arugula, weeds, cabbage, and dirt up hills to clear the way, crafting flower bouquets, tasting unique farm-fresh vegetables, and learning more about how our volunteer work impacted our peers.

Here’s what some of our colleagues had to say about their experiences…

David Martin: “Volunteering at ReVision Urban Farm made me feel helpful not only to the farmers, but also to the community. Everyone should volunteer because we all need someone to help us in our life, so it’s important to be that person for others when they are in need.”

Associate Client Manager, Boston: “I chose ReVision because their mission statement to spread sustainable farming to low income individuals was appealing to me, and I appreciate being exposed to surrounding demographics outside of my zone.”

Trent Tabor: “Being able to give back to the local community felt great. Obtaining fresh produce can be difficult for lower income communities especially in major cities. Being able to help out with the process of getting these communities fresh, healthy food seemed like a really valuable experience.”