#ColemanCulture – Be A Professional

#ColemanCulture – Be A Professional

January’s cultural belief is “Be a Professional.”

Just what does it mean to be a professional? As we kick off 2019, we wanted to re-examine this important culture principle. For one, we believe a professional person can look at a situation objectively, recognize what is going on, and understand how it affects everybody involved. We think it means being aware of the bigger picture impact of your actions on others. 

Professionals are good at their jobs. They have mastered their job skills. That mastery builds confidence with clients as well as colleagues. Being responsible certainly means being a person others can count on — getting the job done right, and getting it done on time. Responsibility also implies a willingness to own up to problems when they occur and, where possible, to have a solution in mind. It’s not a question of whether someone is going to make a mistake, it’s how the person handles it when the mistake occurs that matters.

Finally, we believe being a professional means projecting a positive image. That image starts with attire. But it also is affected by actions such as eye contact, posture, and body language.

Here at Coleman, we are all professionals. We dress and conduct ourselves for the job we want, not the job we have. We don’t use the phrase “that’s not my job.” We do whatever it takes to be better for our clients. Just be nice to each other. For us, it’s really that simple.Be sure to follow us on social media @ColemanResearch to see some examples of our employees embodying our cultural values!