Fostering a Love of Learning

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2012, I was unsure of what to do next. The recession was still in high swing and jobs were scarce. I had been accepted into a Master’s program at NC State and started there in the Fall. After a few semesters in my Master’s program, I decided that I also wanted to work full-time and started at Coleman Research, focusing on Healthcare. I discovered a growing company with an amazing culture, that allowed me the flexibility to take evening classes to finish my program. It also gave me insight into the financial markets and helped foster my love of learning. After finishing my Master’s program, I was given the opportunity to move into a people management position, managing a team that focused on the business/financial services sector.

To have the opportunity to manage people at such an early point in my career was both daunting and exhilarating, but I had great mentors at Coleman to help guide me through the challenges and pitfalls of being a new manager, and since then I have managed three teams. Further, through Coleman’s Point to Point program, I had the exciting opportunity to travel for a week to our Hong Kong office to work with the team there, where I made some great friends and learned new things along the way!

Today, I am in my third year at Coleman and can’t imagine being anywhere else. I have a fantastic mentor at the company, a great boss, and relish the opportunity to work directly with our clients as well as manage a team of eight people. I look forward to entering my fourth year with the company and continuing to grow my team.