London Team Spotlight – Elly Philp

London Team Spotlight – Elly Philp

Each month, we interview an employee in any one of our 6 offices across all departments as a way to help bring our employees together. For the month of October, we sat down with Elly Philp, a Senior Associate in our London office, to learn more about her personal and professional life!

Where are you from and where did you grow up?
I am originally from a place called The Wirral, which is just 20 minutes across the river from Liverpool. It is a relatively small place, but it’s really pretty and has lots of greenery. Since it’s a peninsula, I have many beaches right on my doorstep, which is rather rare for the UK! People from Liverpool are known as “scousers” as I have a “scouse” accent (it’s very different from the way people speak in London – feel free to google for your own entertainment!)

Where were you and what were you doing before you came to Coleman?
Before I started at Coleman, I was living in the North of Spain, in a city called Bilbao in the Basque Country for about a year and a half. After obtaining my Masters degree in Translation and Interpreting, I worked as an English teacher for 2 academies and taught some in-company classes to professionals in companies such as Deloitte and Liberty Seguros.

When did you start with Coleman?
I started at Coleman as an Analyst 2 years ago and am now a Senior Associate on the IM team.

What made you decide to join Coleman?
I remember learning about expert network firms when I attended a language careers event at my University. I was intrigued at the opportunity to learn about the financial services industry, which was something I’d never really had exposure to during my degree and was excited to take on a new challenge within a growing industry.

What is your favorite thing about your job? Favorite thing about working in London?
My favourite part of the job is being able to work on a wide variety of different projects every day. I also love receiving projects related to the German, Spanish or Latin American markets, as it allows me to use my language skills! As for working in the London office, it has to be the people. We’re a small team but we all get along so well, and we love to spend time together during and after work. I also moved from Spain to London for this job, so it’s allowed to me to have a brand-new adventure exploring a part of England for the first time!

Where did you go to school and what did you study? Why did you choose that major / course of study?
I’ve always had a passion for languages and traveling, and I used to spend almost every summer as a child in Spain as my parents have a house in the South (Murcia.) I therefore chose to do my degree in German and Spanish and went on to gain a Masters in translation and interpreting, which included translation experience for international organizations such as the European Union, United Nations, UNESCO and IMF. As part of this, I did a 6 month period abroad studying at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

What are three things on your “bucket list”?
1. Travel to every country in the world, and live somewhere in South America for a few months (preferably Puerto Rico or Colombia since they are the birth places of Reggaeton!)

2. Learn and master the Arabic language.

3. Start my own reggaeton/Latin nightclub as there is such a gap in the market for that in the UK

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Paris! It’s only 2 hours away from London on the train and I can’t believe I haven’t been yet! I’ve also recently become a fan of French/Algerian rap music, so I would love to catch some of my favorite artists in concert there.

What is the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
Thirteen by Steve Cavanaugh. It’s absolutely fabulous, and I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy a good court room/murder mystery drama.

Have any secret talents?
I am a “reggaetonera” (reggaeton enthusiast), I know almost every word to every song, but I wouldn’t say this is a secret talent though.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in London?
I do love a nice posh place once in a while and I’ve recently been discovering Mayfair, the swanky part of London. Another one of my favorites is Edgeware Road, which is home to a strip of cool shisha bars where you can chill and sometimes get involved in some belly dancing!

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?
I tend to travel A LOT and it always seems to be to Spain. I’ve visited Bilbao, Seville and Barcelona in the last 2 months and now have Madrid and Valencia on my list! I also absolutely love the theatre and London is such a great place to be for that.