Meet Our Sector Specialists

Rachel Kaye joined Coleman in 2014 as an Associate on the Healthcare vertical. She spent a year and a half researching pharma, biotech, regulatory, and payor trends. As of September 2016, she was the first member of the Industry Specialist team helping to support our work for clients with interest throughout the Healthcare sector.

Joel Fensch joined Coleman in 2011 as an Associate in our Tech, Media, & Telecom vertical. He spent two and a half years covering a wide range of TMT topics including: cloud computing, 3D printing, and telecom trends. As of January 2017, he joined our Industry Specialist team to collaborate and support our work for clients around the TMT sector. 

Eric Brooks joined Coleman in 2014 as an Associate in the Energy & Industrials vertical covering diverse topics including renewable energy, transportation, electric utilities, oil and gas, aerospace, etc. He was promoted to Project Manager of the Energy Practice in February 2015. Beginning in January 2017, he transitioned into the Sector Specialist role supporting fulfillment of all Energy and Industrial research globally.

Together Rachel, Joel and Eric work within the Coleman Product Team to improve the speed and quality of research delivered across our core 1-on-1 Expert Consultations, Hosted Events, and Surveys. The Sector Specialists support fulfillment of client diligence requests by providing content expertise developed during their combined decade at Coleman. This includes offering insights based on past project success, highlighting reliable industry-specific research sources, coordinating overlapping research efforts across global Client Teams, as well as connecting specific diligence requests to broader industry trends.

The Sector Specialists actively track news and events within their practice area to help the organization act as a better thought partner. Daily, they follow movements of high-value tickers, private equity deal flow, significant mergers and acquisitions, as well as broader macro-economic trends to anticipate client interest. They regularly dive into investor presentations, SEC filings, and comprehensive market reports to understand the impacts of emerging technology, regulatory changes, and increased competition.

Given their broad view across the organization, the Sector Specialists actively monitor all research and recruiting efforts for Coleman’s diverse client base. This allows them to highlight valuable new recruits for ongoing diligence requests and market compelling experts to numerous clients via moderated Hosted Events. They also proactively identify topics for targeted recruiting efforts, either where our network may be lacking or simply areas of high demand where the organization could benefit from diversified expert coverage.

Lastly, Rachel, Joel, and Eric collaborate with Coleman’s New Business Development and Client Management teams to engage with prospective clients. Regardless if analysts are new to expert network services or well-versed in Coleman’s product offerings, the Sector Specialists help ensure that clients get the most out of their experience with us. They are available to join kickoff calls along with Coleman Client Managers to better understand a client’s investment thesis, research process, and objectives for these consultations.