Monthly Socials in our London Office

Monthly Socials in our London Office

On the second Thursday of every month, everyone in Coleman’s London office gets together for a happy hour to drink, relax and bond after work. It does wonders for the team’s morale and provides a healthy outlet to relax with colleagues each month.

Everyone takes turns in choosing the event to center the social around. In the past, some of the choices have been beer pong, mini golf, darts, ice skating, happy hours and much more! Sometimes, the team simply chooses a nice pub or bar to have a couple of drinks and socialize.

Members in the office decided to introduce monthly socials as a chance for everyone to get together outside of the work environment. It has been such a hit and everyone makes an effort to attend!

As the designated social chair of the EMEA office, Riann Allen takes on a lot of the responsibility of organizing and making sure people are aware of the events and are available to attend. Whenever possible, the team tries to include any colleagues who come over to visit from other offices.

“These monthly socials have strengthened the friendships in the office, as well as our work relationships, which has helped develop and build on our company culture.” – Alex Hodge