Oktoberfest at Coleman

October is one of the busiest times of the year at Coleman. The clients ramp up and send us more work than ever, and we rise to the occasion. In the midst of all the increased workload, we try to have a little fun. And so, Oktoberfest at Coleman was born. All the offices are decked out in Oktoberfest flags, Coleman posters, and Pretzel decorations all in the spirit of hard work and (German-themed) fun.

All the work our employees do in October builds up an appetite. For the first week of the month, our employees came into work and started off their days with the most important meal – breakfast. Cereal is the best way to sweeten up the day and start off on the right track. So, our employees were treated to a vast array of cereal options to munch on throughout the week. In keeping with traditional Oktoberfest vibe, the second week of the month brought a treat of sweet and salty pretzels to all of our US offices.

To blow off some steam from the day and to reenergize mid-month, Coleman held cornhole tournaments and happy hours. In Raleigh, our Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Alan Banner, and Head of Sales and Client Management, John Vander Vennet, faced off against teams from all of the various departments. Their cornhole skills were unmatched! When the games were over, our employees were able to toast their victories or drink to their defeats with a happy hour of seasonal brews and German options.

We work hard and play hard during the month of October. We look to build relationships between our coworkers and between our clients. Overall, Oktoberfest is a great way for our employees to bond, work hard, and have some fun while we tackle the challenges of one of the busiest months of the year!