The Scheduling Team: Focusing on Quality and Communication

The Scheduling Team: Focusing on Quality and Communication

I started working at Coleman in January 2013.  At that time, the Scheduling department was very small and each individual team member was responsible for scheduling calls between clients and experts for an assigned list of clients (similar to how our Client Management pods are now structured).  This proved to be an inefficient system for several reasons so the process was changed to team coverage for all clients with a focus on regions, dependent on client location. 

After almost 2 years, I was promoted to be the new leader of the team.  My immediate focus was to improve quality and responsiveness to our clients and experts.  We also took on more responsibilities that were previously under the Client Management umbrella.       

The Scheduling Team is composed of four employees in the Raleigh office, one in EMEA and three in APAC.  With this global team, we provide 24/5 coverage of all call scheduling requests.  Some of the items we handle include: contacting experts to obtain availability, completing Compliance Questionnaires and Coleman’s Terms & Conditions, sending availability to clients, booking and rescheduling calls, lining up translators, salvaging and closing calls, managing member services and handling any inbound calls to the main line, expert line, client line or regional office lines.

Amongst all our incredible skills, communication is our strongest attribute.  In an average day, we attend to over 500 emails and in an average month, we make and receive approximately 600 calls.  It can be hard to keep track of all these different items but the team is able to handle it with impeccable attention to quality and detail.  This is what helps set Coleman apart from its competitors as no other expert network has a Scheduling team quite like Coleman.

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