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#ColemanCulture – We’re All Accountable for our Actions

As part of our continuing efforts to live and celebrate our culture, we would like to identify another one of our cultural principles – We’re accountable for our actions. 

Closing out the first quarter of the year, it is important to look back and take stock of the work that we did and the things we can improve upon for our clients. We can always do better. We can always tackle more. 

Here at Coleman, mistakes are ok, but excuses are not. We think it’s important to learn from our mistakes and move forward. We are a team which means we celebrate successes and overcome losses together. When things go poorly, we all look in the mirror and we don't play the blame game. We hold each team member accountable for the success of the group. 

We encourage all our employees to speak up and put forward their best ideas, it’s how we all improve. We believe it’s not just important but vital to have a sense of ownership for your team, clients and work—that’s what makes us accountable and that’s what makes us Coleman Research!

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