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#ColemanCulture - We're Empowered to Share our Ideas

One of our cultural beliefs is ”We’re Empowered to Share Our Ideas.”

As employees of Coleman we know we all have the power to effect change in our organization and create or own success stories. As we approach summer and look back on the first half of this year, we reflect on all of the different values we hold dear at Coleman, and this one stands out: “We’re Empowered to Share Our Ideas.”

We know that good ideas can come from anywhere and here at Coleman, everyone has a voice at the table. We don't believe in 'facetime' but doing the actual work. We believe that the job of leadership is to set up an environment in which employees can be successful and that includes an emphasis on collaboration, team building, and transparency in business operations. Here at Coleman, employees are empowered to share ideas that shape our business. We want our employees to speak up about what they’re passionate about and share that with their team.
We believe that’s what makes a great organization, and that’s what makes us Coleman Research!


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