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Our APAC Global Fulfillment Team Celebrates Diversity

Coleman is proud to celebrate our diversity that is evidenced in many aspects of the company from its global office locations to its multi-linguistic employees. This week, we sat down with a member of our Hong Kong office to learn more about what it’s like to work in such a diverse environment.

Shehryar Khan is a Client Manager for our Global Fulfillment team in APAC. “Our job is to help bridge the gap between the clients from across the United States and Europe to countless experts across Asia,” said Shehryar. “We provide regional coverage for projects that focus on the APAC geographical region, and simultaneously work on projects from our US and EMEA client managers in order to guarantee round-the-clock coverage for all of our clients."

“Regarding diversity, our team in Hong Kong represents nationalities from all over the world including Chinese, Indian, Korean, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Polish and Scottish. Everyone on our team speaks a language other than English, which really helps us diversify Coleman’s portfolio of experts by recruiting people from countless industries, regardless of background or native language. In the past few months alone, we’ve recruited people form Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam, India, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan, Korea and Malaysia!"

"Since expert networks are a newer concept in many Asian countries, it can be a challenge to connect with experts when considering the various complexities associated with these countries’ economic systems, cultures and customs. Thus, it’s very rewarding each time we sign-on a new expert because we’ve established an important connection that continues to bring us all closer together."

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