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Thanksgiving Potluck at Coleman

One of our favorite traditions at Coleman is the Thanksgiving Potluck.  Coleman provides a Turkey and Ham while the rest of the office brings side dishes and desserts.  This year was no exception as we had one of the best Thanksgiving Potlucks to date!  There were a wide variety of items to choose from like deviled eggs, cornbread, green bean casserole, and mac & cheese as well as some healthier options including a lovely Fall salad and carrots with hummus.  The anticipation grew as the time got closer to noon.  Everyone could smell all the delicious food warming in the kitchen and I’m pretty sure I heard several stomachs growling from across the office. 

Starting promptly at 12:30, the line to the food began to grow as everyone filled their plates with as much food as they could hold.  The delicious desserts of homemade fudge, chocolate chip cookies, and apple cobbler were a perfect way to end the feast.  After such a huge and delicious meal, many people were ready for an afternoon nap, but alas they had to wait as there was still plenty of work to be done!

Another favored tradition is to collect canned goods for donation.  This year we donated a big box of goods to Shepherd’s Table, a local soup kitchen serving thousands of men, women, and children every year.  It’s always so heartwarming to see how generous people are during the holidays and how willing they are to give to those less fortunate.  We plan to continue this tradition year after year and hopefully will only increase the amount of donations made.

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