How to Select the Best Mode for a Survey: Audience

A survey audience simply refers to the group of people targeted for the survey. It’s also common to refer to the audience as the survey population or universe, both of which imply the total number of people in existence who meet the desired participation criteria, such as role, industry, geography, etc. Defining the audience is a

How to Select the Best Mode for a Survey: Mode

Michelle Fechtor, the former Director of Survey at Coleman Research Group, leads a global team from New York headquarters. She has worked with Coleman for almost five years to grow and develop a unique survey offering that benefits clients in management consulting, investment management, corporate, and market research.

Using Data Weighting to Gain Market Insights

In market research, a “population” is the total universe of people who meet the criteria outlined for a study. Since we often can’t reach out to the whole population, when conducting surveys, we ask questions to a “sample” of that population. Data weighting allows us to make the results of the sample reflect the overall population.

Five Tips for Better Survey Building

Many people think it’s easy to create a survey. Simply write down all the questions one needs answered, right? It may be easy to draft a simple survey, but it’s difficult to write a good survey that will yield helpful results. What is a good survey? Even the answer to this question is complex.