Is Zillow Recession-Proof?

Across the country, the Covid-19 outbreak caused disruptions to the residential real estate market – at least in the near term. When the pandemic first hit, realtors concentrated on cutting nonessential costs. In order to achieve transactions in the interim, the ROI on lead generation came under scrutiny. Online real estate platforms would normally expect adverse effects in such circumstances, yet with its new Flex platform and restructured incentive program, Zillow may be able to better weather the storm than its competitors.

Choices in Cloud Security Providers: An art, not a science

Cybersecurity and cyber warfare are fast becoming predominant concerns in the business world which is resulting in an opportunity for the Next Generation Firewall industry space to help ensure the security of their customers. Whereas in the recent past the market has been focused on consolidation and endpoint security, going forward firms will continue to focus on their move to the cloud. We also expect to see inevitable implications due to the increase in a number of user devices (IOT), and automation playing a larger role in the management of these additional components. This article examines the Next Generation Firewall industry in detail including future areas of focus by some of the leading competitors.

M&A Mayhem in the Cloud Security Solutions Industry

A spate of acquisitions in the Cloud Security Solutions space has recently taken place. These include BlackBerry’s acquisition of Cylance, a Californian-based, privately-held artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company, Broadcom purchasing the enterprise security business of Symantec Corporation for $10.7 billion, and VMware buying Carbon Black, a company that focuses on securing modern cloud-native workloads. These recent buy-outs reflect how the larger enterprises moving their infrastructures into the cloud. In this article, we take an in-depth look at how these acquisitions are expected to impact the overall Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions market.

YouTube: The Advertisers’ Go-To

Advertisers have always wanted to target the young given the importance of lifetime value and brand loyalty. Millennials and Generation Z are all now experiencing major life events which are bringing them into unfamiliar markets such as their first car, first mortgage or first child. Everything is new to these consumers who are shopping for cars and furniture for the first time on their own, making them a prime target for advertisers. Yet the challenge for the advertising industry is that these young viewers have vastly different viewing habits from their elders. Advertisers have to not only keep up with the sheer number of new platforms and streaming services on offer to reach these young consumers, but they also need to evaluate how advertising-friendly each of these platforms is.