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Business Disruption Study

Business Disruption: A view into 2022. To gain insights on transformational shifts and how leaders expect to navigate them, Coleman surveyed over 600 of our experts across sectors

The 3Q 2021 Coleman Sector Index

Which sectors are getting more attention from leading investors and why? The 3Q 2021 Coleman Sector Index report reveals recent trends from research projects conducted with thousands of

The 2Q 2021 Coleman Sector Index

We are pleased to announce the Coleman Sector Index, data that shows which sectors gained and lost interest from investors during the most recent quarter. Our indexes are

Business Impacts of COVID-19 on Big Tech

While demand for all things related to the internet has soared during the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, demand from advertisers remains in a state of flux and is therefore

Chinese Luxury Retail Markets: Can e-commerce save the day?

The luxury retail market is on the brink of crisis due to the coronavirus impacting the all-important Chinese buyers both at home and abroad. Watch and jewelry sectors

Cybersecurity 2021 Outlook

The massive security breach last month that affected government agencies and an estimated 18,000 companies has put cybersecurity in the forefront for many of us. More broadly, cybersecurity

Is Zillow Recession-Proof?

Across the country, the Covid-19 outbreak caused disruptions to the residential real estate market – at least in the near term. When the pandemic first hit, realtors concentrated

The Show Must Go On…In Phases

Covid-19 had the unfortunate effect of temporarily shutting down all stadium facilities across the United States, which resulted in most concerts and sporting events being either canceled or

COVID-19: Challenges and lessons learned

After expressing deep concern over the levels of spread and severity of the novel coronavirus, and the alarming levels of inaction, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared on

Choices in Cloud Security Providers: An art, not a science

Cybersecurity and cyber warfare are fast becoming predominant concerns in the business world which is resulting in an opportunity for the Next Generation Firewall industry space to help

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