Business Disruption Study

Business Disruption Study

Business Disruption: A view into 2022

The once essential horse & carriage industry was disrupted by the first automobiles. The Great Depression led to high-quality innovations such as revolutionary railroad improvements and the invention of the television. Every year since then, the pace of change has increased, but those who are prepared for disruption have been able to seize opportunities and mitigate risks.

To gain insights on transformational shifts and how leaders expect to navigate them, Coleman surveyed over 600 of our experts across sectors on the topic of business disruption, around the world. Our study revealed that ¾ experts agree that disruption is significantly affecting their industry, and we invite you to see why.

This study covers:

  • Which sectors have a greater chance of being disrupted over the next 12 months
  • What types of disruption are most prevalent in each industry
  • What are the anticipated causes of disruption across regions around the world
  • How businesses in each sector can avoid the risk of disruption

For clients, Coleman can provide direct access to experts who participated in this study for those who wish to probe more deeply in areas covered (or beyond).

If you are not a client: contact us to learn about the Coleman difference.