How Asset Managers Use Surveys

How Asset Managers Use Surveys

We have long-since crossed into a data-driven world in which information can be captured, consolidated, and crunched more efficiently than ever. New technology helps us collect and interpret data, as still other technology spurs the production of new data sets, creating an exciting yet noisy cycle. 

Our next step is figuring out what kind of data matters and what to do with it. While alternative data sets and batches of customer information may be helpful in gaining insight into what has already happened, surveys can be useful for forecasting what could happen next. 

We work with many hedge funds, mutual funds, consulting firms, and private equity firms who leverage Coleman’s Expert Surveys to better understand a target company’s industry dynamics, competitive advantage, and growth drivers. 

Curious how a survey could help with your research? Here are just a few ways:

Gain insight into how a market event will impact sales 

By surveying customers just after a market event, we have helped clients gauge reactions to diverse circumstances including new regulations, food safety issues, product launches and recalls, and more. For example, after a new healthcare regulation hit the market, we surveyed hospital administrators to understand their likely reactions to the changes. 

Track industry trends or buying patterns over time 

Whether looking at a full market picture or a target company, we have helped clients track metrics and stay on top of emerging trends by deploying monthly or quarterly trackers. One such case involved targeting real estate agents to keep tabs on the U.S. real estate market. We also run company-specific projects, such as surveying systems integrators or software resellers to track sales of competing software products each quarter. 

Time-series data collected this way often helps our clients discover market trends, seasonality, and anomalies. Additionally, survey projects of this sort often save time in the long run, as our clients will “set it and forget it,” while Coleman continues to run future waves and provide regular updates. 

Follow the adoption of a new product or service 

Frequently, we will run surveys about new products or services to provide clients with insight into customer satisfaction, purchasing drivers (KPIs), and brand stickiness. We have also asked managers or resellers of a given product about their sales patterns to better understand demand. 

Surveys are just one piece of the mosaic many of our clients use to create a bigger, clearer picture of their investment target. Sometimes surveys help them validate market information they derive elsewhere, while other times surveys help them see a new point of view. Blending surveys and One-on-One Expert Calls puts Coleman at a favorable cross-section of quantitative and qualitative information. This bleeding from quantitative data into the qualitative world has helped funds with diverse strategies gain actionable insights into their chosen investment areas.