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The Investment Research Landscape is Rapidly Evolving

The unbundling of research is changing the landscape of how research providers are engaging with their buy-side counterparts. This is why we have launched our new Coleman Exchange platform, helping your firm manage all aspects of the life-cycle from marketing your expertise, scheduling and invoicing for interactions, through to managing entitlements and producing real-time reports.

Coleman Exchange is based on the proven technology platform used by Coleman Research to provide hundreds of thousands of Expert research interactions to buy-side and sell-side institutions.

Schedule Client Interactions

Coleman Exchange saves times by automating the scheduling process – eliminating the back and forth

Market To Your Buy-side Clients

Advertise your research expertise to your buy-side clients - getting more interactions scheduled

Track Interactions

Track the time spent with sell side analysts, experts, and corporate access professionals in one hub – helping you comply with MiFid II and other rules and regulations.


Coleman Exchange Capabilities

Select time

Your clients can easily can easily book a time with you based on your published availability


Real-time objective reporting on Analyst Access and meetings


Promote your expertise and availability to existing clients and gain exposure to prospective clients


Easily schedule Analyst Access and meetings with the buy-side


Real-time reports mean you can track all of your calls and meetings – helping you to provide better information to your clients


Establish client-specific payment models for Analyst Access and meetings, so you can track subscription usage and revenue


Meets the audit and reporting requirements of your regulatory compliance program


Ensure analysts only interact with approved counterparts and determine who can view your content


A Flexible Platform to Adapt to Your Business Needs


Our modular APIs allow for easy integration with existing platforms of only the components you need

Salesforce & CRM

Salesforce Activity feed and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration remove unnecessary data entry (coming Q1 2019)

Business Intelligence

Robust reporting API allows you to analyze and visualize your interactions data in your preferred BI tool

Single Sign-on

SSO capability allows easy access and automatic user provisioning

Data Security

We know your data is mission critical… so we
meet the highest security standards

Data Encryption

Industry standard technology ensures your data is totally secure

Access Controls

Only your firm has access to your private interactions

User Verification

Verified Contacts

Private Interactions

Coleman has no visibility into details of your interactions

Stay ahead of the always-changing information economy

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