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Upcoming Events

Coleman's Hosted Events feature a subject-matter expert who can share industry perspectives on current market trends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
(ALC, COO, JNJ, BHC) - Hubble Contacts Co-Founder/CEO POV On Viability of Traditional Contact Lens Players in 2019

On April 9, now former parent Novartis successfully spun off global eye care franchise, Alcon, which is now listed on the NYSE under ticker (ALC). It is largely understood that the global contact lens market is dominated by 4 key competitors, market share gains are exchanged cyclically between peers, and both patient (2-3%) and market (4-5%) growth are relatively steady year-over-year. That being said, today's manufacturers and retailers are having to evolve their strategies to remain relevant as market disruption a la Hubble Contacts continues to emerge and realize success. Our expert will share his perspective to help us understand key shifts in today's contact lens space. We will get their opinions on the outlook for standalone Alcon, take an updated look at today's contact lens manufacturers and retailers, assess the rising threat of eCommerce contact lens businesses and more.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
(PFPT, MIME, MSFT) - Q1 Email Security Demand Trends: Large Reseller's POV

With our expert, we will examine their PFPT / MIME / MSFT pipeline with insight into the demand for core email security products and traction around new solutions. We will evaluate the relative effectiveness and value of PFPT / MIME's offerings with regards to pricing, performance, and functionality relative to MSFT's core email security product. We will review Q1 sales trends, with a view into PFPT vs. MIME vs. MSFT sell-through, renewal rates, and relative win rates. We will analyze the rate at which TAP and Threat Response are included in deals, as well as to the extent that 0365 adoption drives demand for email security services. Finally, our expert will close with their thoughts on MSFT's latest investments and improvements in their security offering, impact on sell-through and demand drivers for Q2, 2019.

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