Quick Polls

Receive rapid directional insights from mini-surveys with experts

Quick Polls are mini-surveys that provide fast answer on up to 10 question from multiple experts in VisasQ/Coleman’s extensive network. Quick Polls can identify issues and angles that require deeper probing with 1:1 calls or question with a large survey.

Rapid understanding of experts, angles, and pain points.

Quick pulse with views from multiple experts.

Quality insights returned in 2-3 business days.


Example Criteria:


Case Management Technology/Software that serves the non-profit and public sectors.

Target Respondents:


Target Geographies

US, UK  Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Number of Experts: 25

Example Questions:

  1. Which  vendors do you  use for Case Management Technology/ Software solutions?
  2. Is a Case Management Technology/ Software solution critical/must have or only nice to have?
  3. What are typical critical factors (list 3-5) while making a Case Management Software vendor decision?
  4. How do you decide how much of the budget to allocate for a Case Management Software?

IT IS AS EASY AS 1-2-3...


Determine your sample size & criteria
(up to 30 experts).


Send your questions for
experts to your
Client Relationship Manager.


Receive responses in
2-3 business days.

Quick Polls vs. Surveys

When to use Quick Polls vs. Surveys?

quick polls

Quick prespectives from multiple experts with a short turnaround.


Comprehensive survey with a large number of respondents. Vetted and designed by our in house survey team.

Quick Polls Surveys
Audience Size (N) Max 30 Respondents Min 30 Respondents
Participants In-house Experts only
  • Coleman’s Expert Network
  • External online panel partners
  • Custom recruited responds
Blinded vs. Unblinded Respondents Unblinded Respondents Blinded Respondents
Turnaround Time 2-3 business days 5+ business days
Question Format
  • Short Answer (with character limit)
  • Multiple choice
  • Yes/No
  • Matrix
  • Close-ended questions, including:
    • Multiple choice
    • Yes/No
    • Matrix
    • Rating Scale
  • Open-ended questions
Conditional Logic/Branching No Yes
Output Format CSV file CSV file, Data tables/crosstabs, Dashboards, and PowerPoint Chats

Contact your Client Relationship Managers to discuss your neends.