Major U.S. Corporation Partners with VISASQ/COLEMAN to Survey Experts Outside of Its Internal Network

The Strategic Marketing department of a leading U.S. corporation turned to VISASQ/COLEMAN to conduct market research in a hard-to-reach segment. This resulted in gaining insights smoothly and a significant improvement in team productivity.

The Challenge

The Need for Outside Insights and Timely Expertise

Sarah is leading a Strategic Marketing department within a major U.S. corporation. She has been tasked with identifying the unmet market needs for her company’s next-generation product in development to inform R&D and advance product development.

Her company provides her with access to an external customer advisory board and has a strong network of academic authorities from whom she can draw insights. However, this next-gen product targets a customer segment that is outside of the firm’s standard client base. How will Sarah identify and engage with these professionals?

Manual recruitment has become more difficult and time-consuming, and Sarah’s personal network has been stretched to its limit. This is when Sarah decided to partner with VISASQ/COLEMAN. VISASQ/COLEMAN is not only able to give Sarah access to a robust network of experts, but also to alternative ways of gathering the knowledge and insight she requires.

Within our internal network we have a certain level of coverage on key topics, but on our short timeframes, and increasing project loads, our internal network isn’t enough. VISASQ/COLEMAN provides us with expertise we don’t have in our own network, and they do it a lot faster than we could.

—Sarah, Lead Marketing Analyst at a major U.S. Corporation

The Solution

Tailored Professional Services & Custom Surveys

Every VISASQ/COLEMAN client is assigned one main point of contact on the Client Management team. Brian is Sarah’s Client Manager and is extremely knowledgeable about Sarah’s research requirements and processes. Each time Sarah receives a new proposal that requires unique expertise, she contacts Brian to discuss the project details and determine the most appropriate method to engage experts. Brian and his team quickly identify potential experts, carefully vet them through individual screening calls and provide Sarah with profiles of the experts she considers most relevant and qualified.

For this project, Sarah contacted Brian to describe the requisite qualifications of the experts she needed. Within 48 hours, Brian provided Sarah with a batch of profiles of 25 experts meeting the specified qualifications. Some of these experts were drawn from VISASQ/COLEMAN’s existing network, and others were newly recruited specifically for the project.

In addition to the in-depth interviews that Sarah conducted, Brian suggested that Sarah could also conduct a survey to confirm the initial findings via a broader sample. Brian, with the support of VISASQ/COLEMAN’s survey team, helped Sarah develop, program and administer a custom survey to a broader selection of qualified experts within the target segment. Sarah invested only a few minutes of her time, yet was still able to gather insight from hundreds of additional potential customers. The survey results gave Sarah an even broader level of insight and confirmation on the project.

My Client Manager immediately helped me understand how to use VISASQ/COLEMAN’s services to meet the needs of my team. We are able to use VISASQ/COLEMAN’s survey services to gather information from a large pool of experts far more quickly than speaking with all of them one-on-one.

—Sarah, Lead Marketing Analyst at a major U.S. Corporation

The Results

Unprecedented Access to a Global Network of Experts

In her role, Sarah must quickly and efficiently find ways to access and engage expertise beyond her company’s network. By leveraging VISASQ/COLEMAN’s services, she has significantly expanded her reach, significantly improving her team’s productivity.

Whether it is timely access to a single VISASQ/COLEMAN expert, or a custom-built survey tapping the collective expertise of a panel of experts, VISASQ/COLEMAN’s Client Managers are knowledgeable and responsive to the specific need or challenge.

Sarah considers VISASQ/COLEMAN’s survey service to be a valuable method of gathering feedback from a pool of experts outside of her personal reach, without significant added time or effort on her part. Her team is now able to respond more quickly and confidently to changing market conditions and make more informed business decisions.

It’s not just the identification of qualified experts that sets VISASQ/COLEMAN apart. It’s also that they understand our needs and present the right solutions. For us to identify and vet as many experts as we need, would take so long. They take care of all the complicated parts, so we can get the information and reviews we need faster.

—Sarah, Lead Marketing Analyst at a major U.S. Corporation
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