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VISASQ/COLEMAN was established in 2021
as a partnership between
Asia’s top expert
network firm, VisasQ Inc. and Coleman
Research, a trusted
expert service provider
with more than 20 years of global

What We Do

Our goal is to provide global leaders and business investors with the expertise needed to make better decisions.

There are barriers to knowledge and our mission is to remove them – with a global platform for the direct and rapid exchange of critical insights.

Why Our Clients Choose

Precise Custom

Targeted custom recruitment is a fundamental element of our service. Approximately 20% of our experts on any given projects are custom sourced.​


A dynamic and expanding network of global thought-leaders and experts, hand-selected for over 20 years, with exceptional depth in Japan and the United States.

Client App

A clear and simple UI enables straightforward project submission, while our UX supports instant expert reviews, as well as consultation scheduling and hosting.

Rapid Expert

7 offices across the US, EMEA, and APAC working 24/5. Average custom recruiting time is less than 24 hours. In-network experts can be scheduled in less than an hour.

Robust Compliance

A fully customizable platform makes firm-specific compliance protocols easy to implement and manage. Utilization and interactions can be easily reviewed via our Compliance App.

  • VISASQ/COLEMAN is speedy with their response and their client service is great. My Client Manager stays in constant contact with me to make sure that I get everything I need. He also asks for my feedback on how calls went... which leads me to even more calls that I could use.

    — Kate, Investment Analyst for a Private Equity Firm

  • VISASQ/COLEMAN offers us the most differentiated network of experts available from anyone.

    — Pat, Portfolio Manager for a Mutual Fund

  • VISASQ/COLEMAN's team helps me find experts who are intimately familiar with all of the different industries and companies that I research.

    — James, Investment Analyst for a Hedge Fund

  • The team at VISASQ/COLEMAN really takes the time to understand my requirements, which means they recommend the right research solution. This not only saves my team a lot of time but also helps us deliver the best results for our clients.

    — Frank, Senior Consultant for a leading Global Consultancy

How We Work

Our teams work hard to understand your investment and research objectives, so we can provide you with the tools and services to quickly connect you to the right experts.

1-on-1 Consultations

Bespoke online or in-person consultations with a qualified VISASQ/COLEMAN expert for in-depth insights.

  • Idea generation
  • Channel checks
  • Broaden industry knowledge
  • Qualitative verification of hypotheses
1-50n Samples
~1 hour
Quick Polls

Mini-surveys, quickly administered, provide fast answers to questions from multiple experts.

  • Quick, quantitative verification of hypothesis (possibly before or
    after 1:1 calls)
  • Initial market/industry research
< 30n Samples
~24-48 hours
Expert Surveys

Customizable questionnaires that can be shared with VISASQ/COLEMAN experts to deliver accurate data you can trust.

  • Broader, quantitative verification of hypotheses (possibly before or after 1-on-1 Consultations)
> 30n Samples
3+ days
Additional Services
  • Transcripts
  • Additional Research
  • Moderated Calls
  • Deal Placements

Case Studies

Learn how companies around the globe use VisasQ/Coleman to get the relevant insights they need to make better business decisions.

Consulting Firm

VISASQ/COLEMAN’s Client Surveys 100 Big Data Industry Specialists

Private Equity Firm

US Private Equity Firm Researching new Wireless Communications Company in Asia

Hedge Fund

Targeted Research Enables Hedge Fund to Uncover Advertising Trends in Social Media Industry


Major U.S. Corporation Partners with VISASQ/COLEMAN to Survey Experts Outside of Its Internal Network

The Insights You Need are Right Here