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An Expert Network Firm Focused on Quality

As the only public company in the ENS industry, VisasQ, together with Coleman since 2021, have consistently delivered superior client results by making a material difference in their business success. Through a range of client-centric services, we align highly regarded, best-in-category experts and seamlessly manage the process with an integrated team approach. 

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VisasQ/Coleman’s portfolio of client-centered services deliver real insights.


Whether over the phone or in person, VisasQ/Coleman connects you with the industry expertise you need to help you quickly arrive at better decisions.

Expert Surveys

We specialize in targeting hard-to-reach business professionals across all industries, job titles and geographies. With VisasQ/Coleman’s Expert Surveys, you get reliable, superior-quality data so that you can make more informed decisions with confidence.

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Rapid understanding of experts, angles, and pain points. Quick pulse with views from multiple experts. Quality insights returned in 2-3 business days

Get Access to Our Hand-Selected Network

We focus on finding the right expert for the job, no matter the topic. Our client’s projects are constantly being shaped by new industries, new companies and new ideas. By continually recruiting new experts, we keep our clients ahead of the ever-changing marketplace.


Join Our Global Expert Network

As an expert, you can contribute your expertise to world-class companies and hear the questions people are asking about your industry. We know your time is valuable, so we only match you with highly targeted projects in your area of expertise.


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Our employees are our most valuable asset. We are looking for talented, ambitious and inquisitive individuals to join our growing team.

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