Expert Surveys

Make informed decisions and drive
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Expert Surveys are customizable online questionnaires that can be shared with our experts to deliver accurate data you can trust. Our highly experienced team will consult with you to quickly identify requirements, vet targeted experts from within and beyond our network, and design and administer the survey for you.

Why Expert Surveys is Another Powerful Research Tool

Robust Insights through Comprehensive Approach

Achieve quantitative hypothesis validation with over 30 samples, even in challenging niche industries.
Blend deep 1-on-1 Consultations with quantitative Expert Surveys for enriched insights.

Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition

Slice and analyze data using statistical tests and cross tabulations.
Numerical responses allow clients to discern data patterns and correlations.

The Key Benefits of VISASQ/COLEMAN's Expert Surveys Solution

Feasibility & Quoting

Our extensive and intuitive knowledge base enables us to quickly provide you with project feasibility among experts who meet the most stringent criteria. Quotes are typically provided within the same day.

Efficient Workflow for Quality Results

We assign a dedicated professional who will oversee your project from start (assessing feasibility) to finish (data deliverable), ensuring timely results and seamless support, even for projects with demanding schedules like business due diligence.

Expert Quality & Data Assurances

All experts have been custom selected to be part of our network, allowing us full control on employment history verification, superior data quality, and more accurate quotes. All survey data undergoes rigorous review to ensure you only receive the highest quality results.

Data Visualization & Reporting

In addition to raw survey data, we can provide robust and customized dashboards, visual reports, and crosstabs.

Follow-up Calls Available

Connect with specific experts to discuss survey outliers, differentiated perspectives, and to probe more deeply on key issues.

Output Samples

VISASQ/COLEMAN surveyed 100 IT Decision Makers from target companies in the US. Respondents were asked a series of questions related to their usage, satisfaction, and spend on printers.

Please note: This report includes auto-generated dummy data and is intended for demonstration purposes only.

Case Studies

Learn how companies around the globe use VISASQ/COLEMAN to get the relevant insights they need to make better business decisions.

The Insights You Need are Right HereVISASQ/COLEMAN will propose the best
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