Quick Polls

Mini-surveys, quickly administered,
provide fast,
cost-effective answers
to questions from multiple experts.


Quick Polls are mini-surveys that provide fast answers on up to 10 questions from multiple experts in VisasQ/Coleman’s extensive network. Quick Polls can identify issues and angles that require deeper probing with 1-on-1 Consultations or question with a large survey.

Main Features

Quick polls allow you to access our network of experts in a unique way.
Garner meaningful insights from multiple perspectives quickly.

Seek out rapid insights from multiple experts efficiently with a defined list of questions.

Acquire answers to questions and pain points quickly, and at scale.

Quality assured responses delivered within 48 hours.

Case Sample

Example Criteria:

Case Management Technology/ Software that serves the non-profit and public sectors.

Target Respondents:


Target Geographies:

US, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Number of Experts:


Example Questions:

Which vendors do you use for Case Management Technology/ Software solutions?


Is a Case Management Technology/ Software solution critical/must have or only nice to have?


What are typical critical factors (list 3-5) while making a Case Management Software vendor decision?


How do you decide how much of the budget to allocate for a Case Management Software?

The Insights You Need are Right HereVISASQ/COLEMAN will propose the best
solution tailored to your needs

Our Other Services

1-on-1 Consultations
  • Idea generation

  • Channel checks​

  • Broaden industry knowledge​

  • Qualitative verification of hypotheses

Expert Surveys
  • Best for responses of more than 30n+ experts

  • Can be deployed before or after 1:1 calls to deepen evidence base​

  • Complementary survey quotes provided within same day of request​