Driving Client
Through Expert

The world’s leading consulting firms, investment managers and corporations depend on our services for direct access to specialized industry experts. We deliver the insights you need to make decisions that create value and a competitive advantage.

Precise Custom Recruitment

We custom recruit on all of your projects, searching for the best, qualified candidates based on your exact project specifications. One out of every five expert consultations we facilitate are with an expert who was custom-recruited specifically for your needs. Our average recruiting time is less than 24 hours, and that timeline continues to drop as we learn how to better anticipate your team's research needs.

VISASQ/COLEMAN’s biggest strengths are speed of delivery and the fit of the experts. The turnaround time is less than one day, and I’ve personally been very happy with the experts that I’ve received.

—Kate, Investment Analyst for a Private Equity Firm

Unique Network

A dynamic and expanding network of global thought-leaders and experts, hand-selected by our experienced team for over 20 years. We cater for expertise across all geographies and industry verticals but we are proud of our exceptional, market-leading depth of coverage in Japan and the United States.

  • By Region

  • By Position

  • By Sector

VISASQ/COLEMAN offers us the most differentiated network of experts available from anyone.

—Pat, Portfolio Manager for a Mutual Fund

Industry-Leading Client App

The VISASQ/COLEMAN Client App employs a clear and simple UI that enables straightforward project submission, while our UX supports instant execution of expert reviews and consultation scheduling. Easily submit and manage your projects, review and select experts, and schedule consultations, all supported by our custom compliance framework.

  • AI Transcriptions
  • Integrated Chat System
  • Seamless Scheduling
  • User Friendly Interface

The VISASQ/COLEMAN Client App is excellent. It’s simple, intuitive and does a great job of showing the information we need without being cluttered.

—Analyst at Boston-based Private Equity firm

Rapid Expert Scheduling

Worldwide presence, high-touch service. 7 offices across the US, EMEA, and APAC working 24/5 means our team are always on hand to help schedule and facilitate your consultations.

Our dedicated client teams work with global research, recruiting, and support functions to collaborate on projects across time zones, shortening expert recruitment and scheduling times.

  • Case 1

    A US-based client sends a project request for Japanese auto parts maker experts

    We leverage our APAC team as they are best placed to contact, recruit, and schedule the most appropriate experts.

  • Case 2

    A client in India sends a project request at 9pm Hong Kong time.

    This request is sent to our US-based teams to work on while Hong Kong employees are out of the office.​

Robust Compliance Framework

  • Compliance App

    Compliance Officers can access the Compliance App to view and manage upcoming consultation sessions, review experts, view historical consultation data, manage chaperoning preferences, view interaction frequencies and pull any data needed for internal audits.

  • Consultation Acknowledgements

    VISASQ/COLEMAN can manage delivery and completion-tracking of custom compliance acknowledgements. We automate the delivery of custom expert questionnaires before or after a consultation with your firm.

  • Custom Exclusion Lists

    VISASQ/COLEMAN can exclude specific classifications of experts. Our technology will not allow a consultation to be scheduled if an expert does not meet your compliance requirements.

  • Compliance Alerts

    VISASQ/COLEMAN can send you alerts based on specific consultation scenarios.

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