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The world’s leading investment firms and consultancies depend on VisasQ/Coleman for direct access to specialized industry experts. We deliver the insights you need to make decisions that create value… and a competitive advantage.


Solutions to Match Your Needs

Our teams work hard to understand your investment and research objectives, so we can provide you with the tools and services to quickly connect you to the right experts.


Whether over the phone or in person, VisasQ/Coleman connects you with the industry expertise you need to help you quickly arrive at better decisions.

Expert Surveys

We specialize in targeting hard-to-reach business professionals across all industries, job titles and geographies. With VisasQ/Coleman’s Expert Surveys, you get reliable, superior-quality data so that you can make more informed decisions with confidence.

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Rapid understanding of experts, angles, and pain points. Quick pulse with views from multiple experts. Quality insights returned in 2-3 business days

Better Communication, Better Service

Learn how companies around the globe use VisasQ/Coleman to get the relevant insights they need to make better business decisions.

Consulting Firm Chooses Coleman Over Third-Party Market Research Firm to Survey 100 Big Data Industry Specialists

An associate at a global Consulting Firm looking to understand key trends in storing and using Big Data across global networks decided to leverage VisasQ/Coleman’s Expert Surveys, and was impressed with the data quality and level of service he received.

Fast and reliable expertise for US Private Equity firm looking at new wireless communications company in Asia

A Private Equity firm turned to VisasQ/Coleman for insights when they were considering moving forward with an investment deal in a new wireless communications company.

Hedge Fund’s need for tailored research to uncover advertising trends in the social media industry

A San Francisco-based Hedge Fund wanted to look more deeply into the drivers behind the revenue trends at a social media firm. They looked to VisasQ/Coleman to conduct research into the social media company’s sales and marketing strategies.

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Time-tested and Designed to Make you More Efficient

Our global Client Management teams work closely with you to understand your unique workflow, research focus and expert search criteria so we can connect you with the right experts at the right time.
Step 1
We receive your project request
Step 2
We search within and beyond our network and match the right experts to your project
Step 3
We present the right experts to you
Step 4
We schedule the consultation
Step 5
You consult with our experts
Step 6
We follow up for feedback and assess new project developments

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Our business is built on trust, transparency and sound ethics. These values are the backbone of our compliance program.

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