Deep-dive discussions with
VISASQ/COLEMAN-verified experts


Whether its channel checks, idea generation or to broaden industry knowledge, VISASQ/COLEMAN’s dynamic network and demanding recruiting practices provide you with easy access to in-demand, first-hand perspectives. You can connect with our experts online or in-person. With over two decades of vastly diverse searches, we are experts at finding experts.

Use case
  • Idea generation
  • Channel checks
  • Broaden industry knowledge
  • Qualitative verification of hypotheses
Online Consultations

Through our online Client App or over the phone, speak with experts for due diligence, idea generation, industry education, or channel checks.

In-person Meetings

Meet with an expert at your office or during your travel for private consultations or site tours.

Aditional Services

Access to high-quality recordings and transcripts of your 1-on-1 Consultations within hours. Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) and Automated (AI) Transcripts are both available.

Additional Research

Additional Research supplements our 1-on-1 Consultation service. Whether you need an expert to prepare ahead of a consultation or require additional qualification afterwards, we can support you to ensure you maximise your time and insights on every engagement.

Moderated Calls​

Expert consultations conducted on your behalf by senior moderators to save you time, with transcriptions and recordings of calls. Similar to 1-on-1 Consultations, we recommend leading experts and handle custom recruitment based on your requirements.

Deal Placements

Leverage experienced industry operators with proven track records that can bring strategic and operational excellence to your team​. ​Deal advisors are sourced and placed to support ongoing diligences or engage with your team on post-deal strategy management meetings, site evaluations, conferences, technical discussions, etc.​​

Case Studies

Learn how companies around the globe use VisasQ/Coleman to get the relevant insights they need to make better business decisions.

Consulting Firm

VISASQ/COLEMAN’s Client Surveys 100 Big Data Industry Specialists

Private Equity Firm

US Private Equity Firm Researching new Wireless Communications Company in Asia

Hedge Fund

Targeted Research Enables Hedge Fund to Uncover Advertising Trends in Social Media Industry


Major U.S. Corporation Partners with VISASQ/COLEMAN to Survey Experts Outside of Its Internal Network

The Insights You Need are Right HereVISASQ/COLEMAN will propose the best
solution tailored to your needs

Our Other Services

Expert Surveys
  • Best for responses of more than 30n+ experts

  • Can be deployed before or after 1:1 calls to deepen evidence base​

  • Complementary survey quotes provided within same day of request​

Quick Polls
  • Ideal for 15-30 respondents

  • Up to 13 questions​​

  • Responses typically captured within 48hrs​