Coleman is the go-to source for experts in Japan

Coleman is the go-to source for experts in Japan.

120,000+ experts in Japan, across all sectors. VQ & Coleman combined: 450,000.

Coleman is part of VQ, the #1 Expert Network in Japan. Our proven vetting process ensures the highest quality experts and relevant insights, driven by our proprietary technology and human touch.

Unparalleled support from local teams around the world, including Tokyo.

Clients get 24×7 support from 7 offices in North America, EMEA and APAC. You get custom recruiting and suggested experts from a team who understands your research needs deeply.

Japanese expertise, with English translation services.

Coleman recruits in the native language to get local experts from over 150 countries around the world. Our in-house translation services are available to translate any live 1:1 consultation or survey.

Fast access to experts on any topic, in any location.

We have made it seamless for clients to take advantage of our expanded network. Get rapid insights from heavily vetted experts in all industries, around the world.

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Why It Matters

Japan is the world’s third largest economy.

Japan has the third largest R&D spending of any country in the world.

Japan spends nearly 3X more on R&D than India, and 44% more than Germany.

Japanese start-ups have raised 2X more capital over the past five years.

Our Global Network

450,000+ Experts Across All Sectors. Unique Depth in Information Technology.

Coleman/VQ Sector Coverage

Senior Decision Makers

Coverage in North America, EMEA and APAC.

Coleman Research is a subsidiary of VQ, the #1 expert network in Japan (the world’s third largest economy). Our clients have fast access to 450,000+ hard-to-find experts around the world, with support from dedicated teams on three continents.

Solutions For Primary Research

Expert Interviews

Access a broad range of expertise across all industries around the globe.

Flexible Pricing Options

  • 30-to-60 min call durations
  • Pro-rated follow-up calls

High Quality Expert Matches

  • Custom recruiting included on all projects
  • Dedicated project fulfillment teams


Coleman sources from our proprietary network of 450,000+ experts and trusted vetted panel partners.

B2B Surveys & B2C Surveys

  • Online and CATI (phone) modes with translation services
  • Same day proposal turnaround
  • End-to-end survey management
  • 30N up to 50k local or global respondents per survey

Quick Polls

Rapid insights of experts, angles and pain points across any industry.

Quick Expert Perspectives

  • Flash surveys up to 30N
  • Ask 5-10 close-ended questions
  • Turnaround in 2-3 business days
  • Unblinded expert insights

Fast Access to Experts in Japan and Beyond

We have made it seamless for clients to take advantage of our expanded network

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